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#1 01-03-2016 03:52:57

Funky Kong
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My Story With FFXIV Dungeon Queue

I've got some stories while waiting on my dungeon queue! Not all are bad...okay we'll start with the bad one.

Story time #1: While I was leveling AST, I got a Dzemael with a drk tank. He was seeming an okay guy, was chatting which I enjoy, we made some jokes. I noticed that, while he was using grit, he'd turn it off to turn darkside on, use blood weapon, then turn darkside off and grit back on. The fact he was turning them on and off so often, which actually used a lot of mp with how often he was switching grit, I wondered if he realised you could have both on at the same time (even though I get turning off grit for blood weapon, although with blood price it's never needed at that lvl)

Instead, he immediately started snapping at me, that having both on lowers your dps. "Huh? No it doesnt" Points out how grit is -20% damage dealt, it's pointless to have darkside on "Yeah but with them both on it'd only be -5% total" he kept going on and on that I dont know how to play DRK, despite I was using one of the titles that comes from tanking x amount of 8 man instances as DRK, so on and on. I just wanted to get the dungeon done, was willing to let it go and reminded him just the way he was acting made me wonder if he didnt realise they could both be on. Even when I wasnt saying anything, he just. kept. going. Constantly grumbling about how he did his research, I dont know what it's like to play drk, until I just got tired and left.

Story time #2: Back when ST was the current towers raid, I was trying to clear CT on my alt to unlock it, and of course, it was just filled with people being trolls. Could never get past the first boss because people would kill skeles next to each other, if they killed them at all, kept turning the dragon etc. After several weeks of wiping, I finally said in alliance chat how I've been trying to beat this for 3+ weeks and never can because every group keeps trolling and then abandoning. Im not one to usually talk in alliance chat, because I dont like to troll, or invite people to troll. When I did that though, I was pleasantly surprised when people started saying stuff like 'okay guys, lets pull this together and stop messing around now, someone needs to clear.' After that, the run was as smooth as could be, I thanked everyone in alliance at the end, and had a good day.

Got a party in DF for Copperbell Mines yesterday. I queued as a Thaumaturge,, we got a scholar, an arcanist and a warrior as tank. Everything was going well untill the scholar dc'd and tank went ahead and pulled mobs because the healer didn't move along so we all didn't see untill then that he want to get more FFXIV Gil. Anyways, no problem we managed to pull off because I kept the tank alive. Healer came back online and was displeased that we went into first boss without him. We explained him that he dc'd without us seeing the dc symbol next to his name.

So we proceed, ARC somehow summoned a yellow carbuncle, so I tell him "You can better summon the blue carbuncle, the yellow one may annoy the tank". The ARC apologised and said that he forgot to summon the blue one. Upon this the Scholar started being rude. He said: "No matter what I do I will get the agro anyway". I told him that I was talking to the Arcanist since he's the one who summoned the wrong carbuncle and not the scholar. The scholar continued to say "I'm a lvl 60 scholar, and I queued for duty roulette, I will get the agro so what is your point exactly? You missed my point"
I told him that I got his point perfectly fine, but I was not talking to him, sigh.

So we continue again, during the entire run the scholar keeps ketting the agro because he is more focused on dps'ing than healing. The tank had major issues keeping the agro and he always stood on the brink of dying all the time. We get to last boss, so I politely ask the scholar to stop showing off and concentrate himself on healing only so the tank can learn his job because he was a newbie.

The scholar basically tells me to shut up and keep dps'ing. I told him that I wouldn't help him because he was being very rude and not helpful towards the tank at all. We managed to kill the boss and before we leave the dungeon, scholar continues to say that I am terrible and that I won't care for newbies if I were a max level character as well. I told him that I already have a max lvl character and that I, unlike him, love to help newbies out and don't like to be an ass like him.



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