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#1 04-03-2016 04:00:02

Funky Kong
Registered: 23-02-2016
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Final Fantasy XIV - Queued into a Haukke HM

Queued into a Haukke HM with a friend tonight for level 50 roulette, starting around 40-45 minutes before maintenance. We got the bonus message (yay poetics) and found out both other people were new to the dungeon. Okay, no problem.

Or so we thought. Right away, it was pretty evident that the Paladin wasn't using any AoE hate at all. I was pulling things off him with Bane and the two DPS were tanking stuff too. We asked him a couple times to do more AoE abilities, but it didn't seem like he was really listening. Alright, whatever, I can deal with having to heal people as long as everyone isn't standing in the stupid. Little did I realize that the tank was going to get real inventive about that real soon.

We get to the hallway where the void lamps do continuous AoE damage to the entire party. The Paladin grabs two doors' worth of stuff and tries to tank it in the middle of the hallway. New to the dungeon sure, but tanking a pack of mobs in an area where everyone's taking steady unavoidable damage is just beyond me. I dropped a group heal and kept running, basically trying to drag him to Buy FFXIV Gil. Thinking on it, I probably should've dragged him back instead of forward. It would've been fine except for the fact that he didn't bother to take any of the mobs off me when he got there.

I died horribly, followed by everyone else. We collectively sigh, respawn and go back, and the Paladin promptly runs off without any buffs at all. I don't even. Anyway, we get the mobs down and start down the second hallway with void lamps. Halfway down the hallway the Paladin literally stops in his tracks. After a few seconds he says 'brb afk' leaving himself sitting in the middle of the hallway taking damage. Oooookay... the rest of us open the door and kill the mobs, then go wait at the door of the boss room. At this point we have about 20 minutes left until maintenance and we're only at the second boss. After about five minutes the Paladin being AFK, we end up kicking him and getting someone from our FC to join.

She'd never done the dungeon synced, but she at least knows how2aoethreat.



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