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#1 14-03-2016 04:38:55

Funky Kong
Registered: 23-02-2016
Posts: 57

Blade & Soul: do you know the bots & hackers

I am at around 1850, and I met this KFM, usually I can sprint before I get hit, but for some reason, I couldn't, like I physically couldn't run I was in combat instantly, I assume it because he pressed TAB and got his crit buff thingy, which is what he was doing, idk, it was weird, anyway, so he comes into melee range, and I knock him down, and he's instantly back up again with Blade & Soul Gold, so I back off, since I am confused, I daze him, he tabs instantly, starts spamming his shin kick on me after he lands the daze, now heres the weird part, I know his tab is down, I just made him pop it, so I stun him, and suddenly, he tabs again...and I am dazed, again, and he starts spamming his shin kick, I don't have time to question it, so make distance, and pull him in with my Z, in hopes of dazing him once he reaches me, but he attacked me before my Z animation was complete, like, he was pulled towards me but stunned me upon coming close to me, bear in mind, the Z animation wasn't complete.

In the end I had to cheese it, and just aerial him to death..uh..I thought perhaps it was lag, but my ping was more or less 15ish throughout the match, so I doubt that, my point is, has anyone come across these kind of people? It didn't even feel real, it was a sloppy fight, with no coherent path, I mean whatever he was, he didn't even 3rf, he just spammed shin kick.

I'm on True Siren weapon and Awakened Siren accessories. After seeing the upgrade and evolve costs and the stats given Blade & Soul Power leveling, I see way bigger, more economically friendly to upgrade my accessories than solely the weapon itself as the cost is more or less [One weapon evolution plus the upgrades from 1 to 10 = 2 different accessories evolutions plus the upgrades from 1 to 10.]

You will get far more out of True Pirate weapon than your True Siren Accessories, what are you guys talking about? Be aware all the accessories upgrades will be more than half the cost for True Pirate, and you get no where close to as much as you do from AP gain. Your Crit should be over 55% with Awakened Siren Accessories, Accuracy and Piercing should also be 10% or above with these + 1 or 2 soul shields with an Accuracy roll.



#2 24-01-2019 07:37:50

Mildred J. Chapman
Registered: 24-01-2019
Posts: 1

Re: Blade & Soul: do you know the bots & hackers

But I can give the accessory with low cost. If you are interested to buy it then you may contact. Here is the attachment on review in which available accessory’s pictures are mentioned.



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